4 Crazy Steps to Weight Loss Success!

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What are the Four Crazy Steps to Weight Loss Success? The Anti-Diet road map to weight loss success has four main steps, each one with its own challenges, benefits and strategies.  Within each step are a number of smaller steps that will light up the path you need to follow.  Here is a brief explanation of each one to set you on your weight loss journey: Crazy Step Number 1 Stop Weighing yourself! There are so many reasons for this but here are a few:
  1. Your weight can naturally fluctuate throughout the day, week and month
  2. A gain in weight can set you off on a negative spiral of overeating
  3. A gain in weight can leave you feeling inadequate
  4. You weight can depend on the quality of the scales and the surface they are on
Crazy Step Number 2 Stop Dieting! It is the act of dieting that keeps us in the vicious circle of starving and bingeing.  The harder you are on yourself, the harder it is to stop this yo-yo, but ultimately downward spiral. In this step you:
  1. Stop counting calories
  2. Learn to eat
  3. Stop feeling guilty for eating
  4. Enjoy eating
Crazy Step Number 3 Break up with food! Only when we have a healthy relationship with food can we obtain life-long weight loss.  This step is about breaking your current attachment and focus on food to a much healthier and nurturing one.  You need to:
  1. Realise what your current relationship is like
  2. Pin-point all the things that are right
  3. Pin-point all the things that are wrong
  4. Break up the old relationship
  5. Build a new one
Crazy Step Number 4 Let go of . . . ! This step is vital for sustained and long-term weight loss.  It requires you to let go of anything or anyone (as much as you can) negative.  Things like:
  1. A toxic friend or family member – only as far as is possible or at least realise their negative affect on you so that it lessens
  2. Remove negative images of yourself from your environment
  3. Let go of hating yourself
  4. Let go of clothes that are too big or too small

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