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Exercise – Is it fun or a chore with the Anti-Diet Lifestyle?

Find something you love to do.

I wrote an article about exercise with the Anti-Diet Lifestyle previously and, on the back of that, I need to answer a follow up question :

‘Do I see it (exercise) as fun or a chore with The Anti-Diet Lifestyle?

Once again, I’d first like to say what a fantastic question that is!  It has forced me to revisit my journey to weight-loss freedom and dig deep into my feelings so that I can answer this question with the absolute truth.  I see no gain in lying to anyone because I know that, if I am able to achieve my lifetime goal of helping others break the vicious cycle of dieting, I have to pave a way that not only works, but one which points out the potholes and obstacles you’re likely to come across so that you are fully prepared. 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” *

To this end, here is my brutal answer: Most of the time I find starting my exercise routine a complete and total chore!  There, I have said it!  After much trial and error, I found that:

  • I hated the gym because I felt trapped and the machines just felt like items of torture to me!
  • Aerobics classes were fun but I could never be bothered to actually go after a couple of times.  I’d come home to work, knowing full well that I had a class to attend but, with the best will in the world, I always managed to find some very pressing matter that had to be attended to meaning I was unable to go!
  • Yoga – I have never even tried it perhaps for the same reason I never went to the aerobics classes!!  All I do know is that yoga is something that I might try at some point in my life
  • Swimming – I absolutely love swimming BUT I equally hate the fact that you have to spend an hour showering, dressing and making your way home afterwards.  This is made much worse in the winter months when it is freezing as well!
  • Organised games; football, netball, hockey etc.  Unfortunately, I found out very early in life that I absolutely sucked at these and as a consequence hate participating in them!

With all these failures behind me, I was still determined to find something or somethings that I could tolerate and sometimes even enjoy.  I remembered, when I was a teenager, the only sport I was good at was long distance running and this memory got me thinking that perhaps I could give that a try.  It was so very difficult at first (and still is on some days), but, unlike the activities above, I found that once I was mid-run, I actually, truly enjoyed myself.  Fast forward around 8 years and I am still running!! It keeps me fit, it keeps my mind sharp and I love meeting new people on my runs too.  I have found there is also great camaraderie between fellow runners and I look forward to seeing the familiar faces!  I also come across new runners and we always send words of encouragement to each other which just adds to my thorough love of this wonderful activity!

In summary, I have to admit that I do view exercise as a chore BUT only at the outset.  Once I’m off and out (or on my treadmill in the bitter, cold winter months) I really truly love it.

My advice to anyone then would be to find an activity, it could even be something like gardening or hiking for example but love it at some level you must if you are to persevere with it and take advantage of its huge health benefits for the mind, body and soul!

*Quote by Benjamin Franklin





2 thoughts on “Exercise – Is it fun or a chore with the Anti-Diet Lifestyle?”

  1. This sums up the anti-diet lifestyle perfectly! It’s not about *not* exercising, it’s more about making it not a punishment. Gotta keep trying til you find what works!

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