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Monthly Affirmations for weight loss success!



The words we use to ourselves have a powerful effect on the outcome of our lives.  If we use negative words, we are likely to produce negative results.  The good news is that conversely, if we use positive words, we are more like to achieve positive results!

My Anti-Diet journey began with changing my thoughts.  I was a textbook case of someone who consumed negativity and, surprise, surprise, it happened to keep showing up in my life!  I went on a mission to change myself from the inside out and I could not have achieved my dramatic weight loss and maintained it if I hadn’t changed the words I used against myself.

If you are stuck in your weight loss journey and would like to try something new, something that does not take up too much time and something that just might work, download these affirmations.  There is one for each day of the coming month.

Remember, you do not have to believe what you are saying, you just have to commit to allowing yourself to think differently and to using the affirmations.

Good luck!!

July 2020 Affirmations

Written by Sherry Taylor

Author of The Anti-Diet Lifestyle


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