Isabelle on Facebook:
‘Great read, found it useful and came across a lot of new ideas for my diet!!
Definitely recommend – hope it works for others like it did for me’

Clare via email:
‘Hi there! I’ve just finished your book, and I loved it! I am totally on board with the anti-diet, and have been trying to live like this for a while. I just had some feedback/requests for new blog posts? I’m wondering if you’re able to provide examples of HOW your lifestyle has changed and what actually led you to lose the weight? For example, when you reach for the box of chocolates, do you only have 2 as opposed to the whole packet because you know you’ll feel sick if you over indulge? Do you exercise more regularly because you see it as fun rather than a chore? When you eat a meal do you now leave some on your plate when you’re full whereas before you would eat the whole plate just because it was there? I’m just wondering if I’m on the right track. It’d be good to have some specific examples of the differences in eating/exercise that helped you. I hope this makes sense, thank you for sharing your story!’