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The surprising answer to ‘Do Anti-dieters eat everything on their plate?’!!

I write my blogs for many reasons and one of them is to educate my readers about what the Anti-Diet Lifestyle would mean to them in practical terms.  In this blog, I’d like to answer a question asked my one such reader: ‘Do I eat everything on my plate’ now that I am an ‘Anti-Dieter? I had never given a thought to this before because since I started living my life according to the Anti-Diet Lifestyle principles, such questions do not enter my head.  Before though, was another thing altogether.  Not only was I constantly focused on my next snack and or meal but I was consciously aware that the more I ate, the more weight I would put on.  This would quite simply stress me out and more often than not, all the restriction and denial led me to having frequent ‘blow-outs’ where I would binge eat until I was numb.  I remember those days and nights so painfully well and, if you are in that position right now, my heart truly goes out to you.  It is such a desperate, relentless vicious circle that leaves you feeling depressed, worthless and fat among other negative emotions. 

Now, years after I became slim, is a completely different outlook for me around food and mealtimes.  I look forward to them, I thoroughly enjoy eating and I don’t feel guilty.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I still sometimes fall back into my old ways and start feeling bad if I’ve indulged in say a large slice of cake and some biscuits.  The difference now though is that I quickly remind myself that I’m not the old me anymore, that just having those things will not lead me to spiral out of control with my eating once again.  Luckily then, as soon as I realise that, I relax once more and go on with my day.  So, there is the key, it’s not that the old feelings are completely gone, but that the new feelings and actions override your old habits and beliefs leaving you to actually enjoy ALL food.  At this point, let me make it clear, I do NOT gorge on food and eat everything in sight because there is no way that you can do that and not be overweight.  The way I live now has freed me from all of that denial, restriction and self-loathing and what this does is allow you to eat what you like, make good choices most of the time AND feel TOTALLY and UTTERLY satisfied.  I do not feel hungry and neither do I feel that I am missing out at all.  I still chocolate and crisps and all things ‘nice’ on a regular basis also without feeling scared that I’ll put on weight.  I also now value my body and listen to the signals it gives me.  I feed it sugar when it asks and greens likewise lol!!

Onto the answer of the question and the reason for this blog.  When I prepare my food now, be it a day where I’m having pizza followed by chocolate and crisps or a day when I’ve opted for salmon, boiled vegetables and a jacket potato is that I eat everything on my plate 😊!  The reason for this is that I am the type of person that likes to finish what I started! From big things like writing a book, starting a business and giving up bad habits (like smoking) to the little things like answering an email, reading a novel or planting some seeds – I like to finish my project!  This does not mean that you have to be like that, whether you eat everything on your plate or choose to leave a bit is up to you.  The only difference from now to your new way of thinking with the Anti-Diet lifestyle though is the fact that whether you finish it all or leave a bit, the reason will not be for weight loss purposes, it will only be because you are full up or that you do not like what you decided to eat!

Happy Anti-Dieting!!

Written by Sherry Taylor

Author of The Anti-Diet Lifestyle

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The Anti-Diet - Sherry Taylor
The Anti-Diet - Sherry Taylor
Sherry Taylor was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Her parents moved to England in 1974 and she now lives in Kent with her husband and two children. Her father, pen name Adam Zameenzad, was a published author of 7 novels and he instilled in her a love for writing. She is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction work. Passionate about the well-being of others and in particular about weight-loss/fitness, her non-fiction work concentrates on these subjects. Sherry battled with weight-loss issues for years before stumbling upon a solution that worked for her. In a bid to help others in this situation, she wrote The Anti-Diet Lifestyle in which she shares her secrets for weight-loss success without the need for conventional dieting. Sherry also runs a Facebook page aimed at individuals looking to lose weight:

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