What’s your Anti-Diet Style?


You’ve read the book, you’re reading the blogs, you’re following the anti-diet lifestyle on social media – What’s next?

This is just the beginning of your journey and a great idea to get you started would be to have a plan, a step by step guide to set you along the path to weight loss and dieting freedom.

Everybody is different and every body is different and that’s why the way you approach should suit your individual type of personality. Complete this quiz to find out which Anti-Diet Style fits you, download that plan and off you go!! Good luck on your journey and don’t forget, we will walk by your side all the way!!

What’s your Anti-Diet Style?



Mostly As            =             Cheetah Speed, you prefer to get stuck in, jump in the deep end and just rip off the band aid!!  You adapt quickly and immerse yourself fully into a project.  The fast track Anti-Diet Lifestyle plan will suit you!

Mostly Bs            =             Middle of the road, you prefer a more balanced approach to achieving goals.  You are quick to adapt to some changes but take longer on others.  You should ‘sit on the fence’ of the Anti-Diet Lifestyle plan!

Mostly Cs            =             Tortoise & the Hare, you prefer a slow and steady pace when looking to reach your goals.  You have most likely been dieting for a very long time and a tiny step by tiny step Anti-Diet Lifestyle plan would suit you to the ground!

Now contact me for a plan!

My score is:        A:            _______________ 

                                B:            _______________

                                C:            _______________

Additional information that will help to personalise the plan for you. Tell me the following to help tailor the plan in more detail. This is not essential but will make a difference!

  1. Anything thing you have a particular problem with such as comfort eating, lack of motivation, wrong influences etc.
  2. Anything that currently stands in your way such as no support, busy family life, lack of money etc.