WHAT IS THE ANTI-DIET LIFESTYLE (and what it is not)

Since the Launch of our Facebook page in the beginning of 2016 and the subsequent publishing of The Anti-Diet Lifestyle last July, I have been asked several questions which I have been answering privately. I feel that the time is right to make the questions and my answers available to the general public in the hope you will find them useful to you.

Before I list these, I thought it would be really useful if I took a little time to summarise what the Anti-Diet is NOT. The reason for this is that from my research, I have come across a number of sites/groups etc that are pertaining to the belief that ‘life’s too short to waste time dieting and that you should love yourself exactly as you are’. Whilst I fully believe this statement, I don’t agree with the philosophy that if you are overweight you should not worry about your health or quality of life. I also do not believe that you should eat to your heart’s content and be really happy with the resulting body and the fact that it is life limiting. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight and when I set out on my journey that was exactly my goal. I admit it, I wanted to be able to wear fashionable clothes, to feel body confident and be healthier and happier.

Believe me, I have tried the dieting route and it led me to experimenting with numerous ‘fad’ diets together with the usual starve/binge cycle routine which only made me gain weight. The only reason for telling you this is so you understand that I have been through the worst of times and through research and trial and error, I happened to bump/stumble into what turned out for me to be the route to dieting freedom. I lost weight, felt fitter and have managed to virtually effortlessly maintain the same slim body ever since.

Now, to tell you what the Anti-Diet Lifestyle IS – It is a simple yet very effective formula that I developed along my path to dieting freedom, which if followed, will hopefully free you from dieting AND help you achieve your weight loss goals. I am not saying it is easy or quick because quite frankly, it isn’t. This is because, it goes against everything you have probably believed before about weight loss which means that you will most likely resist it strongly in the beginning.

I have divided the process into what I call ‘the four crazy steps’ which can be followed simultaneously or individually. Using simple, clear language, I have explained exactly what I did to achieve my weight loss goal. I know that just reading a book may not be enough for some people to effectively make the life changes they need to and because of this, I am writing a step by step, course which will guide you through the process. Please follow me on Facebook for updates on when the course will be available for download.

Anyway, I hope I have given you a clear insight into The Anti-Diet Lifestyle, so let’s start with the FAQS!……..

Q Can I break my diet while i am on holiday and still continue with the Anti-Diet when I get back on track?
A The Anti-Diet Lifestyle is not a diet so it’s impossible to break it.

Q To follow the Anti-Diet, do I have to give up all things sweet?
A The Anti-Diet Lifestyle doesn’t forbid any food.

Q How do I know if the Anti-Diet is right for me?
A Before following the Anti-Diet, always seek your doctor’s advice.

Q Can I lose weight quickly with the Anti-Diet?
A The Anti-Diet should be treated much the same as a long haul journey. It will take a while,there will be many stops and there could be detours but perseverance is the key to long term success.

Q Is the Anti-Diet a quick fix to my weight loss problems?
A This depends on how quickly you are able to adopt the steps. We believe that slow, steady progress is the best if you are looking for a permanent, long term solution to meet your weight loss goal.

Q I am on a very tight budget, can I still follow the Anti-Diet?
A Yes, you do not need lots of money to follow our steps. They are designed to easily fit into your life and have nothing to do with spending extra money.

Q I know that the Anti-Diet is a 4 Step plan but do I have to follow all the steps at once?
A No, how you choose the follow the Anti-Diet is entirely up to you. In fact, we encourage you to take micro steps because they will be easier to accomplish and stick to. On the other hand, you can decide to follow all of the steps at once!

Q I have children and don’t have the time to cook everything from scratch. Will I still be able to follow the Anti-Diet successfully?
A Yes, you will. The Anti-Diet doesn’t require any drastic change to your current lifestyle. It focuses instead on changing your beliefs and re-setting your instincts.

Q If I decide to follow the Anti-Diet Lifestyle, will I still be able to socialize without worrying about how much I’m eating or drinking?
A The Anti-Diet is not designed to restrict your lifestyle choices. You will continue to be able to go out to eat and drink. The only thing that will be different is your attitude.

Q What if I am hungry all the time?
A The Anti-Diet principles are built to help you return to the place you were as a child i.e. eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.

Q Do I have to go to the gym for the Anti-Diet to work?
A No you do not have to but you can if you like. Exercise is a major contributor to health but the Anti-Diet is not here to preach how you add movement to your life. There are lots of tips and suggestions for you to try in the book but you are free to find your own ways that fit into your life.

Q I am worried that if I stop dieting I will put on more weight. What can I expect if I follow the Anti-Diet?
A The Anti-Diet is a slow, permanent solution. In the beginning the effects will differ from person to person as everyone is individual. Our solution is not a short term quick fix and because of that, you may see fluctuations in your weight as you commence your journey to dieting freedom.

Q I’ve never heard of the Anti-Diet so how do I know that it is for me?
A The Anti-Diet has been written for anyone wishing to break the vicious cycle that is dieting. If you fit into this category then it’s worth giving us a try.

Q How do I know that the Anti-Diet isn’t is just another fad?
A The only way to find out is to try it out! If you’ve already spent lots of time and money on diets then what have you got to lose by reading about something that could free you from the dieting trap?

Q What happens after I have read The Anti-Diet Lifestyle?
A This is up to you.

  1. You can read the Anti-Diet and decide that you can implement the steps yourself.
  2. You can read the Anti-Diet and decide you need regular support and answers to questions. This is why we have set up this Facebook page so that we can support you by answering questions and posting inspirational and useful posts.
  3. You can enrol on the Anti-Diet course which will provide a step by step guide on how to implement the Anti-Diet Lifestyle.

Q Can I learn the Anti-Diet alone or do I need to join a group?
A The Anti-Diet is effective in both instances. It depends on you and how you flourish. Singularly or in a group – You decide.

Q How does the Anti-Diet work?
A It’s a four step process to freedom from dieting.
It will teach you how to let go of your unhealthy obsession with dieting and instead focus on your well-being.
Weight loss can be achieved without following fad diets that lead you to experience initial weight loss then the inevitable weight gain.

Q What is the Anti-Diet trying to achieve?
A Our vision is to see an end to the anxiety and unhappiness that diets cause. We would like to show you that there is another way to reach your weight loss goals.

Q I am getting married next year, will the Anti-Diet help me lose weight in time?
A The whole purpose of the Anti-Diet is to detach you from this type of thinking. Having deadlines only add stress. The principles, if applied, will help you focus more on the happiness and excitement of your wedding and not on your weight.
That being said, the Anti-Diet is designed to be the first stepping stone to your weight loss goals. Its whole aim is to return you to your natural weight.

Q How do I get started on the Anti-Diet?
A Simply read the Anti-Diet Lifestyle and apply the principles – available from Amazon

Q How long does it take for the Anti-Diet to work?
A This varies from person to person. You need to change your mindset before you start and plan to be in this for the long run. If you have been leaping from diet to diet for years, it may take a while before you embrace the change but be patient with yourself. This is not a competition, it is a key to release you from the misery of dieting and to love yourself starting today!

Q I don’t earn very much, do I need alot of money to follow the Anti-Diet?
A No, our passion and motivation stems from the wish to help people reach their weight loss goals. The book is not costly and it contains everything you need to help you reach your ideal weight. Our Facebook page will be here to motivate you on your journey. Our mission is to spread the word that dieting doesn’t work and that there is another way!

Q I am going on holiday in two weeks, can the Anti-Diet help me lose weight before then?
A The Anti-Diet is not a quick fix solution. You may or may not lose some weight in two weeks but this is not the main aim of the book. This is a long-term permanent answer to your weight loss goals. Once you embrace the Anti-Diet Lifestyle, we’d like to think that you will not need to lose weight before any holiday again.

Q Do I have to buy any expensive pills for the Anti-Diet to work?
A No, we do not believe that pills are the answer. You only need to apply the basic principles. No weird fad foods, no unknown practices and no starvation.

Q Is the Anti-Diet another fad diet?
A Absolutely not!! Our solution is to take you back to the root cause of weight gain and unhealthy results and then to return you to your natural state of well-being. Our aim is to help you lose weight for life.

Q Does the Anti-Diet require me to read lots and lots of books?
A No, the Anti-Diet is a one book solution
There are many variations that you can apply to suit your lifestyle but all you need to do is read the one book. It is short, concise and should only take you a day to read!

Q Is applying the Anti-Diet principles difficult?
A This is a yes and no answer. It is difficult because it seems too easy. Because our solution is so simple, you may find it difficult to believe that it works!

Give it a try!!!

Q How is the Anti-Diet different to dieting?
A Unlike dieting, the Anti-Diet applies a completely different approach to weight loss. The principal is to remove denial, starvation and punishment with self-love, abundance and rewards.

Q What is the Anti-Diet?
A It’s a lifestyle plan designed to help you lose weight and have the body of your dreams

Q How do I follow the Anti-Diet?
A Our advice is simple – follow it, one little step at a time.

If you have a question we haven’t answered, then get in touch and we will get back to you.